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by Simon Ashley on August 17, 2009

IQ tests and aptitude tests differ in that aptitude tests tend to test knowledge or experience in a specific area. Aptitude tests have a variety of uses in education, professional establishments, military and psychology.

IQ tests should be less focused on knowledge or cultural orientation and test a wider range of innate abilities.

They should test more then one intelligence, otherwise known as Multiple Intelligence’s. These include the following.

Abstract reasoning IQ

Abstract reasoning is an excellent measure of basic mental ability. It predicts how fast children will learn new ideas and concepts and how they utilize the knowledge they have already gained. A child that scores high on abstract reasoning tends to learn quickly and understand complex problems faster. They may have excelled at activities like puzzles and legos at an early age and learned to read early.

Logical-mathematical ability IQ

Children with mathematical/logical ability exhibit many characteristics. Math, science may be their favourite subject in school. They tend to be good at computing, experimenting, searching for patterns. For instance, they may enjoy solving puzzles, counting, collecting and classifying things, and take an analytical approach to problems. Mathematical/ logical intelligence entails the ability to reason either deductively or inductively and to recognize and manipulate abstract patterns and relationships. These are the kinds of skills highly developed in scientists, engineers, economists, accountants, detectives and members of the legal profession.

Famous examples: Albert Einstein, John Dewey.

John Dewey

Perceptual IQ

A child who scores high on this test will need good observation and perceptual skills. They will also require a good concentration and processing speed. This test will measure your Child’s ability to decipher a code and recognize subtle differences and similarities in words and objects. A Child with this ability usually enjoys cracking codes and games like code breaker are an obvious example. You need a lot of perceptual intelligence if you are a code breaker, or a programmer.

Famous example: Alan Turing.

Alan Turing

Linguistic IQ

Young Children who score high in linguistic IQ tests will usually start talking and reading early in childhood. Older children will have a higher sensitivity and understanding of subtle differences in language. They will also have a greater vocabulary and understanding of complex language then other children their age. Children with linguistic ability exhibit an enjoyment for writing, reading and Storytelling. Games like Scrabble are often favourite activities of those who excel in linguistic intelligence. English and social studies are sometimes their favourite subjects. Lawyers, writers, poets and eloquent speakers are strong in linguistic intelligence. Studies have shown that someone’s Academic and economic success is strongly tied to their Linguistic ability.

Example: T.S. Eliot, Noam Chomsky, W. H. Auden.

T S EliotNoam ChomskyW H Auden

Visual-Spatial IQ

Children who score high on this test are better able to recreate visual images from memory. They display an ability to arrange color, line and shape to produce creative works of art and sculpture. They will be able to locate their position on a map and get to a destination easily. Children with this intelligence will show an interest in Jigsaw puzzles, drawing, geometry and photography and may show an interest in games that rely on visual-spatial planning such as Chess. These children have potential for becoming great architects, illustrators, interior decorators or computer graphics designers. You need a lot of spatial intelligence if you are an architect, sculptor, surgeon, dancer, cab driver or chess master.

Famous Examples: Garry Kasparov, Michelangelo, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Garry KasparovLloyd Wright

Online Kids IQ Tests

There are a number of IQ tests for adults online but few for children.

If you would like to test your childs IQ please check out the following links. ExpertRating provides aptitude tests for different professions and IQ tests for different ages.

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IQ Test for Children Aged 7 to 9 years – Click Here

IQ Test for Children Aged 4 to 6 years – Click Here

IQ Test for Children Aged 3 years – Click Here

IQ Test for Adults – Click Here

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